49 Fascinating Gabion Decorating Ideas For Your Outdoor Garden

49 Fascinating Gabion Decorating Ideas For Your Outdoor Garden

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Gabions are rectangular components (baskets) of twisted wire mesh, that can be filled with a variety of materials, most often — a river or quarry stones. It’s a great way to decorate your outdoor space with gabion. Walls, ponds, stairs, garden furniture and much more things can be made this way. Gabions give effective permeability and self-draining, which makes them suitable for protection against erosion of river banks, steep slopes, slopes and much more. Moreover, gabions allow growth of trees and plants, keeping the natural look of the landscape

The installation of gabions isn’t difficult as they have a very simple construction. They may be found in different, sometimes unconventional, shapes and sizes. If you use them to make a retaining wall at the garden, the wall can get a exceptional shape, based on the way of connecting the different sections. Gabions are suitable for building and other decorative items in the garden such as benches, tables, planters, fences and fire pits. It’s possible to combine them in the plan of your garden pond, waterfall, walkway or stairway. If you’re thinking about how it’ll look like in the decoration of the garden, or the yard, have a look below, and you’ll see a whole lot of creative ideas that will fascinate you!

Raised bed Made from gabions
Using gabions to create raised beds is already almost a classic, so much so that we provide kits you can purchase in our online shop. Raised beds are excellent for gardeners who want to spare their backs. They may be planted with ornamental plants or as a vegetable patch and will be a complete eye-catcher in your backyard or on your terrace.

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Raised pond Made from gabions
You may fill our gabion raised beds with more than just soil! If you put in a plastic pool liner to the inner wire cage, then you can turn your raised bed to a pond for your garden that’s simple to look after. Then fill the outer cage as usual using natural stones, etc..

Benches Made from gabions
Gabions are perfect substructures for garden furniture. Just order gabions in your desired size and mount the wood or plastic seat on top. So whether you need a single stool, a bench, or table, garden furniture made from gabions are robust and weather-resistant.

Stairways Made from gabions
Sometimes there are slight differences in height in gardens and terraces. How about building steps made from gabions? To be sure that the wire will not bend when someone steps on them, fill the cages very compactly with natural rock.

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